decarock stone veneer

To compliment our cladding system, we also offer a thinner Veneer, displaying the timeless beauty of natural stone in a tile-like panel.  Similar to the Decarock Cladding, the panels are z-shaped allowing them to interlock, offering a quick and easy solution to tiling whilst creating a sleek and contemporary facade.

Due to the slender elements of stone, the Veneer is particularly effective in creating feature wall panels both inside and outside the home.  Ideal for internal use in bathrooms, kitchens and around fireplaces, the veneer panels are significantly thinner, and as such, lighter than the cladding system. This makes retro-fitting in a kitchen or bathroom situation much easier and quicker.  The veneer can of course also be used externally and is more suited to contemporary designs in and around the home.

£20.79 Excl. VAT
£20.79 Excl. VAT
£18.29 Excl. VAT


Decarock Veneer is supplied in boxed quantities of panels or corners.

Desert Gold covers approx 0.54sqm per box containing either 6no panels/box or 6no short corners AND 6no long corners/box.

Antique Slate & Black Slate covers approx 0.64sqm per box containing either 7no panels/box or 7no short corners AND 7no long corners/box.

Both long and short corners are included in the same box for easy installation.  Although corner sizes may vary from colour to colour, when laid together side by side, one short corner and one long corner will be the same length as one panel.